3 places where PowerPoint Presentations
can do wonders

Posted on

Friday 28th - October 2022


Presentations are the guiding hands that ensure your message is delivered successfully. It goes well with your ideas, flow, and delivery to the audience. When establishing commercial transactions with various stakeholders, company profile presentations, pitch decks, finance or sales decks are widely utilised. But there are certain nuances where presentation holds much importance to convey the message, but are not designed creatively. The boring or blanket designs bore the audience and the main crux of the presentation is missed out. Here are 3 places where well designed presentations can really do wonders, also leave your audience in an aww.

Internal Communications and Culture Deck

Imagine giving the new hires your narrative of how you kept the firm from collapsing, and they are all yawning, bored of the same old dull lectures. Years of hard work and proud moments that you will remember for the rest of your life, all of them neglected because you couldn’t get sufficient attention.

Now, what if the same story was picturized or some amazing visuals are added to it. Just visualize the growth numbers you achieved written in big fonts embedded with your team and your brimming faces. That, right at the moment, would make the audience attentive. This is the power a presentation holds as an internal communication device.

The same is true for cultural decks. A culture deck essentially covers the company’s vision, goal, and values. It ensures that your staff and the organisation are on the same page. Sharing the culture deck with your workers and prospective hires keeps your company’s image as a good employer in their minds.

Networking Events

Business networking groups, such as BNIs, are excellent places to find new business prospects. Displaying your company’s products or services in plain layouts dilutes the allure of your great services and products. The plain headlines and sections are unappealing to look at.

A broad speech about your company’s years of experience, plethora of clients, and decades of experience in the business may have a significant impression on your prospect. Given that, you have tremendous visualisation ability, and amazing slides are the visualisations you require.

For a good start, a presentation for networking events contains your company’s profile, which covers your vision, mission, and values. It also contains basic information about your firm, reasons why a consumer should select you over competitors, and a list of prestigious clients that your organisation services. The demo or sample images operate like magic to entice the audience to purchase the merchandise.

Research and Analytics

The world runs on research. Each new invention or every new discovery is presented before the world in slides first. All those technical conferences, the dignitaries from across the nations, coming from different universities and colleges, are going to take the impression of how good you are by looking at your slides.

The research can be top notch, but what if it is not presented better. The null hypothesis of your winning might get accepted, just because of the plain slides. Not only academic research, but internal business research, financial reports and analytical research can also do wonders when they are presented in a better infographic formation.

A research and analytics presentation generally includes details like, introduction to topic, research methodology and tools used, data analysis, assumptions, findings, suggestion and conclusion. The perfect slides lead to effective communications of the results.

The Inc Design Magic

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