Digital Mart Annual Report

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    Report Design

Project Overview

Digital Mart is a social media management company handling 360° social media for certain big brands of the nation. Every year the company conducts an annual general meeting to discuss trends, future and the innovation taking place in the sector. They were looking to create an industry outlook report on the market trends and showcase some really insightful aspects of the industry.

An industry outlook report is usually infographic heavy and number driven. We scouted unique infographics that fit well with the given data. Each data set was given a different theme to convey the message in the most easy to understand language. We took care of the branding and kept the report monochrome to give a professional vibe.

*Data on slides or Screens is obscured to preserve confidentiality.

Our Role

Elevate Your Social Presence

Designed in a way that communicates the future
I was extremely impressed with the report design that was created for my company. They made sure that the data was presented in an aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-understand format. I would highly recommend this team for anyone in need of a report design services.

Digital Mart

Report Design

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