What are some common mistakes in
Ui designing?

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Tuesday 15th - November 2022


What is Ui designing?

The technique that designers use to create user interfaces in software or electronic devices with an emphasis on aesthetics or style is known as user interface (UI) design. Designers strive to produce user-friendly and enjoyable interfaces. Graphical user interfaces and other types, such as voice-controlled interfaces, are referred to as “UI design.”

What are the major elements of an Ui design?

  • Too much clutter
  • Little doesn’t always imply bad. It’s not necessarily improper when some web sites have very little material; the key is to distribute it fairly. On the other hand, it is believed that clogging up open space by selecting bigger fonts and extending banners and graphics is a better solution. It frequently turns out to be absurd. That’s an old school idea. If there isn’t much material, leave some room.
  • Displeasing CTAs
  • Small CTAs don’t make a good deal. It makes the Calls to action appear unsecure, and the content there ends up being very unappealing to users. Because of this, it might occasionally be worthwhile to offer a little white space and give some leeway when crafting CTAs.
  • Bad text hierarchy
  • Every information is not necessary to be presented at the same time. In terms of Ui, the same time means text hierarchy. If every content is written in the same size, it will confuse users and lead to drop off. Having contrast using size, weight and shades are always a better idea. Also, font size matters a lot. It makes the screen more pleasant with hierarchy, adequate spacing and kerning.
  • Uneven iconography
  • Icons might occasionally appear to be the “simplest” element of the design. They are a design’s most basic component. An interface composed mostly of icons is common, particularly on mobile devices where icons serve as the equivalent of buttons. Selecting the appropriate symbol is crucial for this reason. It conveys information and clarifies things. Being consistent with the style; either filled or outlined will enhance the experience.

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