Blurg Pitch Deck

  • Completion Time
    15 Day
  • Industry
    Aerial Intelligence
  • Deliverables

Project Overview

Blurgs is a brainchild of a few geeky tech entrepreneurs working towards enhancing safety by providing data analysis based on aerial intelligence to various sectors. The startup was looking to raise the funds to expand its current market and tap the untapped to become a market leader.

As the idea was relatively new and complex, the real challenge was to design the process in an easy to understand manner. We took help of simple flows to make it easy to grasp for the investors. A detailed deck of slides in crisp data visualization formats were created to explain the perfect distribution of the fund to be raised.

*Data on slides or Screens is obscured to preserve confidentiality.

Our Role

Intelligence in the design

Aerial overview in simple manner to raise capital

An artificial intelligence company reached out to Inc Design for help with their pitch deck. Within 5 days, Inc Design delivered a top-notch deck that captured their technology and futuristic vision. The quality was exceptional and we were able to secure funding with ease.


Arial Intelligence

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