Ompoo Application

  • Completion Time
    12 Week
  • Industry
  • Deliverables
    Ui – Ux Design for ANDROID

Project Overview

Ompoo is a logistics startup working in the intercity delivery system model in a local market. They were doing great business offline and a little revenue of their business came from the online app front. On asking users, they realized that their current app is too complex for its target group.

We surveyed the users and understood the pain points. After collaborating with their data analytics team, we also understood where the users were having a drop off. After studying competitors and the existing flaws, we revamped the existing Ui and Ux of the app. Have a look, to understand the process better!

*Data on slides or Screens is obscured to preserve confidentiality.

Our Role

Ease at every click

Solving complex process by research backed designs


What matters the most is speed

Carefully placed all the information required placeholders on the single screen to optimize the booking time of the parcel and place orders faster.


Nobody likes to hassle for it

Looking for basic information regarding delivery like driver’s number can be a painful lot of clicks. We eased that by bringing everything summarized on one screen.

The UI-UX design strategy used by Inc Design and their high standards were crucial to the successful launch of our application. Their ability to meet our unique technical requirements and cover every aspect of design, from user flow to visual design, was exceptional. To obtain expert UI-UX design services, we heartily endorse Inc Design.


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